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Old Documentation
You are browsing documentation for an old version of Tabulator. Consider upgrading your project to Tabulator 4.9

Tabulator 4.0

Welcome to the new look Tabulator Documentation!

Tabulator 4.0 has been a long time coming, and you will be happy to hear that it is now 100% jQuery free.

There have been substantial changes to the way that Tabulator works, so it is worth having a read through the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide to see whats new.

Thanks for your patience will i have been putting this together, i hope you enjoy the new and improved Tabulator 4.0!

New Documentation Format

As Tabulator has grown, so has its documentation. With the launch of version 4.0 the documentation is now so big it needed splitting down into easy to manage pieces.

Menu Bar

You will notice the side menu bar has moved to the right hand side of the page and contains more information than previously. The will also be a search bar coming soon that will provide an easy way to search through the docs for the information you need

Frequently Asked Questions

The Quickstart option has been moved from the main menu bar to the Version Info section of the sidebar and has now been replaced with the FAQ section.

The frequently asked questions section will include answers to some of the most common questions about tabulator and should save you hours of trawling through the GitHub issues list for answers.

Embeded Examples

Working example Tabulators will soon be embeded straight in the documentation to demonstrate exactlyhow to use specific table features.

Search Bar

You will notice a new search bar has appeared at the top right of the page, this allows you to search the entire documentation for the info you need.

Release Notes

Detailed information about the changes for this release can now be found on the Release Notes page in the Version Info section of the sidebar menu

Upgrade Guide

A step by step guide to upgrading your tables to the latest version of Tabulator can now be found on the Upgrade Guide page in the Version Info section of the sidebar menu

Setup Guide

There are now more options than ever available to you to customize your Tabulator installation.

Full details on how to install Tabulator on your site can be found on the Installation page in the Getting Stared section of the sidebar menu