Tabulator makes full use of aria accessibility tags to make the table machine readable by screen readers and other digital accessibility equipment.

Role Attribute Values

The following aria-role attribute values are used:

  • grid - Marks the element containing the tabulator as a grid
  • columngroup - Marks any column group title cells
  • columnheader - Marks each column header cell
  • row - Marks each row of the table
  • rowgroup - Marks any sections of grouped rows
  • rowheader - Marks the header of row group sections
  • gridcell - Marks each cell of the table
  • alert - Marks ant popup messages such as the ajax loader message
  • button - used to mark the pagination controls as buttons

Aria Attributes

In addition a number of other aria attributes are used as needed throughout Tabulator:

  • aria-label - Used to hold cell value on graphically formatted cells. also used to give useful information on pagination controls
  • aria-sort - Shows current sort property of each column
  • aria-disabled - Shows the disabled state of pagination controls
  • aria-checked - Shows the checked state of cells that use a tick formatter
  • aria-valuemin - Shows the minimum possible value on the progressbar editor
  • aria-valuemax - Shows the maximum possible value on the progressbar editor
  • aria-valuenow - Shows the current value on the progressbar editor