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Browser Support


Tabulator is built to be supported on all popular modern web browers, and also has support for IE 11.

IE Compatibility

Tabulator offers support for Internet Explorer 11, However because Tabulator uses some of the latest JavaScript Features to work there are a couple of polyfills that are needed if you want your tables to work on IE 11. By default these are not included in the library as they would bulk up the codebase for everyone.

If you wish to offer IE11 support then please read on below to see which polyfills are needed.

Tabulator does not support versions of Internet Explorer below version 11. Tabulator is built using a lot of modern JavaScript functionality and it would take a large amount of time to code around the missing functionality in legacy browsers, as well as bulk up the code base with polyfills. For this reason there in no plan to offer support for any Legacy versions of IE.


Tabulator makes extensive use of the JavaScript Promise object to allow the table to work asynchronously. Unfortunatly this API is not available in IE11.

In order for Tabulator to work correctly you will need to install a polyfill to add the required functionality. We recommend taylorhakes/promise-polyfill for its small size and compatibility


Tabulator uses the Fetch API to make its ajax requests for data. If you are using any ajax functionality and need Tabulator to work in IE 11 you will need to install a polyfill to add the required functionality.

We recommend github/fetch for its small size and compatibility