Version 6.2 Released!

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Old Documentation
You are browsing documentation for an old version of Tabulator. Consider upgrading your project to Tabulator 6.2

Upgrade Guide v4.7 to 4.8

Previous Version Upgrades

If you are upgrading from any version of tabulator below version 4.7, you should read the v4.1 to 4.7 upgrade guide first.


If you use tabulator with ESM compatible frameworks like Vue or React (frameworks that require use of the import statement, you will now have to do this with Tabulator to.

Where you used to import tabulator into a project using the require statement:

var Tabulator = require('tabulator-tables');

You will now need to use the import statement

import Tabulator from 'tabulator-tables';


Data Edited Callback

The dataEdited setup option has now been renamed to dataChanged to better describe its updated functionality

Anywhere you used the dataEdited property

var table = new Tabulator("#example-table", {

You should now use the dataChanged property

var table = new Tabulator("#example-table", {