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Bug Reporting

Check For Existing Bug Report

Is Tabulator behaving strangely, have you found a bug? Don't panic, we can fix that in a jiffy!

The first course of action when you have found a bug is to check to see if anyone else has found it first. If they have, add to their issue with any additional information you may have.

More often than not the problem is with your code, not Tabulator. To make sure this isn't the case please create a simplified example that contains only Tabulator JS and CSS with no other libraries or style sheets.
If you are still having issues, Search Stack Overflow for an answer in case anyone else has had the same issue. If you are still out of luck, then Ask a question on Stack Overflow using the "tabulator" tag, one of the community will usually get back to you within hours with a helpful response.
Failing that, head over to our Issues Page on GitHub and have a search to see if anyone else has had the same issue. If so vote up the issue with a and include any extra info you have from your bug to help us solve the problem faster.
Please note that all fixes are applied to the master branch and included in the following release. That means that only latest version of Tabulator is supported for bug fixes, i.e. Tabulator is currently on version 4 so we will not be releasing any bug fixes for version 3
If you think you have found an undiscovered bug, please follow the process below to report it:

Creating A Bug Report

When you create you bug repot issue, please follow these steps:

Create an issue using the Bug Issue Template, make sure the title is short and descriptive so other users can find the issue easily.

Fill in all the fields in the bug template, make sure you include a detailed description of the bug you have found, the browsers you have been able to replicate it in and include a screenshot or video if it is a visual issue.

In order to fix the issue we need to see the problem in action. This means creating a JS Fiddle or Codepen to show a working version of your issue. There are thousands of ways to configure Tabulator and it is impossible for us to offer advice or find the root cause of the issue from a simple description if we cant see how your table is configured. Checkout the JS Fiddle Guide for more info on how to get started

Be Polite, Tabulator is maintained for free and for the good of the development community, if you cannot be polite and constructive in your comments, your issue will be deleted without discussion!

Make sure you are on the latest release of Tabulator, bug reports will only be accepted against the latest release. (if you are on an old version, your bug may have already been fixed)

You MUST fill in all the fields on the bug template, without them it will be impossible to get to the bottom of your issue as we wont have the information we need to help you.

You should only include small snippets of code in the body of the issue, like a custom formatter function or a small table definition for example. If you are including code in your issue, you must ensure that it is correctly formatted using Markdown to ensure readablility. Large blocks of code if needed should be included in your JS Fiddle.

An example JS Fiddle or CodePen with instructions to replicate the bug is MANDATORY before we will begin work on a fix The example should come with step by step bullet point instructions that should take less than a minute to run through.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When you create your bug report. Please take care to avoid these common mistakes:

DO NOT paste large blocks of code into the issue, it crowds out the issue and makes it completely unreadable. A reduced test case should be created in your JS Fiddle which can then be used to identify the problem.

DO NOT use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in your title or issue text, it will not get your issue seen to any faster. All issues are treated equally, just because something is urgent to you, does not mean that it is urgent to everyone else.

DO NOT provide example HTML files or zip files containing entire site public folder structures. Tabulator is used by thousands of developers, and we simply don't have the time or resources to be setting up test sites and running through source code for users.

If the table does not work the way you want it to, this is Not a Bug if it behaves as documented. If you believe there are better modes of operation for a certain feature, please create a Feature Request to suggest alternative functionality

DO NOT chase bug fixes by repeatedly asking "when will this be done". Issues are prioritized according to the number of users they affect and the time it will take to investigate and resolve them. Just because an issue is critical to you does not mean that it is critical to most of the user base. Simple bugs will usually be resolved in the next patch release, with more complicated bugs being resolved in the next minor version. If you need something fixing urgently then you can always contribute the fix yourself with a Pull Request