Version 6.2 Released!

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Discord Community

Have a chat with other Tabulator developers on our brand new Discord Sever. In coming months we will be using discord as a point to directly engauge with the developer community, providing a range of services including:

  • Announcements - Keep up to date with the latest features coming in tabulator
  • Chat - Chat with other likeminded developers
  • Help - Ask other developers for help getting started
  • Feedback - Chat directly with Tabulators developer
  • Showoff - Show off your latest projects in the new look-what-i-made channel

Want to know more? click the link below:


The Discord server has several channels available for different conversations. If you think we are missing a channel that would be right for you, get in touch and we will see what we can do:

  • announcements - Keep up to date with the latest features coming in tabulator
  • introduce-yourself - Say hi to the everyone
  • general-chat - General Tabulator Chat
  • look-what-i-made - Show off your latest projects
  • getting-started - Help for developers just starting out with Tabulator
  • questions - Any questions people have about Tabulator
  • website-feedback - Let us know what you think about the website