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Requesting a Feature

Check For Existing Feature Request

Have you just had a spark of inspiration? or found that tabulator is missing that critical feature that would make your life much easier? why not let us know and we will see what we can do to help out.

The first course of action when you have an idea for a feature is check to see if anyone else has found it first. If they have, add to their issue with any additional information you may have.

Head over to our Issues Page on GitHub and have a search, see if someone has already requested the same feature, if so vote up the issue with a and add your thoughts to the conversation, to help guide how Tabulator develops.
Check if the feature is already listed on the Development roadmap

Creating A Feature Request

When you create your feature request issue, please follow these steps:

Before creating a feature request, ask yourself if this is something that other users would find useful. Tabulator has thousands of users that all use it in different ways, feature requests should be useful to lots of users. If it is a function specific to your usage case then you should be using the built in extensibility of Tabulator to add that in your own code only.

Is the feature your are asking for within the scope of Tabulator. Tabulator is a library dedicated to interactive management of data in a table structure. If you are going to ask for it to create popup forms or pie charts then these will not be approved as that is not the purpose of this library. As a general rule Tabulator will not make any changes to the DOM outside of the element that the table has been instantiated on.

If you are sure that your suggested feature would be useful to others, then go ahead and create an Feature Request using the Feature Request Issue Template.

Make the title short and descriptive so other users can find the issue easily.
Include as many details about the feature as possible, including a usage case so we can understand why the feature is needed and how it will be used. If you have a proposal for how it shoud work (eg. example setup options or public functions) please include that to.
If the feature will alter the layout of the table please include an image/mockup of how you expect the feature to work.

Be Polite, Tabulator is maintained for free and for the good of the development community, if you cannot be polite and constructive in your comments, your issue will be deleted without discussion!

If you would like to help with adding the feature to Tabulator you can submit a Pull Request with your suggested update.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When you create your feature request. Please take care to avoid these common mistakes:

DO NOT use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in your title or issue text, it will not get your issue seen to any faster. All issues are treated equaly, just because something is urgent to you, does not mean that it is urgent to everyone else.

DO NOT chase feature requests by repeatedly asking "when will this be done". Issues are prioritized according to how popular they are with the user base, how simple they are to add, when they would fit into the existing Development Roadmap and many other factors. There are many open feature requests and only so much time available so please be patient. Some features may be added in the next release, others you may have to wait more than a year for.